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Luke is a DC based singer/songwriter/guitarist. At his live shows you can expect a wide range of well known music from Johnny Cash to Rihanna, from The Beatles to Mumford & Sons. He seamlessly incorporates his looper pedal into almost every song which enables him to add some beats, harmonies and background vocals which is sure to impress first time listeners. In his original material you can bet on upbeat, energetic, hopeful and happy acoustic folk pop or "folkpopcoustic" as he likes to call it. He tries to focus on uplifting and encouraging themes when writing his original music. Thoughtful songs that will make you smile, tap your foot and hopefully hit the replay button. Check out his schedule tab to check out a live performance near you and if you can't make it out find his music on iTunes, Amazon & Spotify for some great music no matter what the occasion!

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"7 Years" Gains Some Momentum... 

Hello... It's me.

  A few weeks ago I threw together a little loopstation cover of the song "7 Years" by Lukas Graham (watch here!) and put it onto Facebook and Youtube as I always do with new videos.  The thing is under normal circumstances Facebook videos get many more views and Youtube videos garner much less attention. Well, this video seems to be the exception. It is currently around 26,000 views and it seems to be going up every day (750 to 1500 views per day) I don't really get why this video is doing…Read more


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